You Only Live Once...

You Only Live Once... by Unkle Bonehead

You Only Live Once, So Live It Up!

Most of my life I’ve pretty much just did what I wanted to do. Never a cared about the consequences. Never a cared about the damage to my own body. Never a care about the feelings and emotions of other people.

I just didn't care. It’s my body, my life. I can do with it what I want. And I stopped at nothing to let everybody know that it is my choice to do what I want with it.

If I wanted to bombard it with enough alcohol that would kill an average person. I did it. If I wanted to eat an entire cheesecake and someone told me not to. I would eat two. It was my life and I was in control.

So go ahead, I said. Smoke all 3 packs of cigarettes in a day. Drink that whole case of beer in an hour. Sneak all the Vicodin, Oxycontin and Valium pills out of the medicine cabinet!

Work your ass off jumping in and out of tractor trailers for years wearing work boots. Smash those ankles and knees. Just take some pain pills and keep working. Then grab the caffeine pills so you can stay awake to drive to the next stop.


Yeah, when you're young and know everything. You do what you gotta do to get the job done. Don't let anybody tell you what to do. Be a rebel and carve your own way.

Those were the dumbest years of my life.

You Only Live Once, So Be Careful!

And now at half a century old I’m starting to reap the consequences of what I’ve sowed over the years.

My ankles and knees are shot and it hurts just to stand up. Doctors say the only way is through surgery that I can't afford to pay for. Alternative is more pills.

But I already take a litany of pills and injectables just for my Type2 Diabetes. So I'm tired of medications in general.

I've gained weight from spending too much time sitting in a truck holding a steering wheel. I still smoke but only a pack or so a day. I go see doctors on a bi monthly basis for various ailments. And I'm only 50! I still act like I'm in my 20's. High school, if you ask my wife.

Mentally, I’m in great shape.


Physically, I’m a literal wreck.

I need to get back in shape. Now, I’m a little more realistic than most and I know I will never get back to that “high school” body.

Honestly, I don’t want that, I was a chubby dude back then with a mid western mullet haircut.

Why are you starting with this now?

I want to see my daughter graduate high school, college and see my grandkids. There is nothing more important for us as human beings than to ensure our continued existence as a species on this planet.

That is, after all, our purpose as a species. To reproduce. My father is stll kicking ass at 95 years old. He’s seen nearly a century of innovation in technology. He's witnessed some the greatest accomplishments mankind has made. But he also witnessed some of the most horrific, evil atrocities that were perpetrated on mankind. And I am as proud as he is that he had a front row seat in stopping that evil and kicking its ass!

I want to be around that long. I want to see my grandchildren. I want to see my great grandchildren. I want to see the future innovations of technology. I want to see where we go as a species. I want to know if we can achieve the ability to spread our species among the stars of our galaxy.

The #HiveFit Challenge

Because I’m not really good at coming up with names, I’m just going to call it The HiveFit Challenge. It's not even really a challenge.

There is no start date, no end date and the only prizes awarded are that you and I will come out as better people. Sharing more love, compassion and joy with each other through being happy with ourselves.

It’s more of a dedication to changing our lifestyles. For me it will be from being a selfish, pompous self righteous jerk that thinks he’s in control to one that is kind and considerate to everyone and realizes that things I do to myself also affects the lives of those around me.

And not just those that are close to me but those that I don't even talk to or even see. I want to be a beacon to draw people together in peace and still have them be individuals that think for themselves.

I want people to come together to enjoy each others company and focus on our similarities. Not our differences. Everybody is different in our own unique ways. But somewhere a long time ago we've lost track of just alike we really are.

I welcome you to come along and join me for the ride if you wish.


To do this I will be using the Actifit app to post at least once daily about my exercise, blood glucose and meals I had that day. Then weekly I will post a summary of the week with weigh ins and outs. You are welcome to join in with this if you want to better your lifestyle. I have a pedometer on order and will start posting as soon as it comes in.

I’ll be posting about staying positive and trying to stay motivated all through this challenge.
You are welcome to join in with me. If you don't feel like you don't need the physical fitness or are unable to then you are welcome to post about how you are working to better yourself in some way. Just use the hashtag #HiveFit.

Below you will find a sample of what I will be posting both daily and weekly.

My Glucose Readings

3x per day

Current A1C - Quarterly

8..3 down from 9.3 2 months ago.

Weight - Weekly

August - 243

Type of Exercise

Amount of Exercise

Calories Burned

Heart Rate