Yay, I made it onto Hive!

So this is literally my first post to the Hive ecosystem and I'm using Engrave to do it with. But since most people on Hive probably dont know who I am let me give a quick brief history.

The bio from my (future) old version of Bonehead Media read

Hi, I’m Unkle Bonehead aka Ryan Ridenour, I’m a 49 yr old truck driver by trade and have just over 27 years in the industry with over 2.5 million accident free miles. I create podcasts and other digital media. I am also an amateur self hoster, a Fediverse Evangelist and fanboy of the Yunohost server distribution based on Debian.

Most people know me from The Self Hosted Podcast and TruckinNutz podcast, both of which you can find in all major podcast directories. You also may know me from MeWe, LBRY, peerTube, Mastodon, Socialhome and other Fediverse apps. You know that I love the #fediverse, self hosting and decentralization. But I'll be honest. The concept of decentralization really didnt hit me until about a month ago. I'll be explaining my point over the next several episodes of The Self Hosted Podcast.But first let me do some quick praising of this dapp, Engrave.


Keep in mind these are my literal actual reactions as I am typing this since this is my first review.
First this is a beautiful dashboard. It is responsive and looks very nice. I havent tried it from mobile yet but will be this week. My only real complaint is the tool bar of the wysiwg editor is basically nothing. I know there is icons there but they dont show because they are the same color as the background. In both the light or dark theme. But this could be caused by the theme on my Firefox. So I'm not complainging about that at all.
Since it uses markdown it's no real deal breaker for me. I'm comfortable enough with that but a noob would probably get lost.

I do have to say that I am thourghly impressed with Engrave! It is smooth as butter, looks amazing and I think it will work out way better than what I am currently using. I'm using Runkod which is a Blockstack app that uses Gaia for the decentralized storage. Dont get me wrong. I like Blockstack and will continue to use it for some things. But having to write my show note/blogs in markdown, then use Hugo to build the site and then delete the old site in order to upload the new site (200+ files and growing everytime) was getting annoying. With Engrave I can just set the theme, copy/paste content in markdown and hit the post button. Viola, no need for me to mess with a bunch of crap for an hour just to post something.

You can follow this blog or

channel or whatever it is called on here on Hive. Lol. I havent figured that part out yet. But I will soon be starting to migrate the all of bonehead media content to Engrave. I'm not sure if I want to just throw it on here or start a new blog. I was thinking of just adding it to here but then you would be catching my ramblings through out the week as well as the podcast contents. It probably wouldnt be that much more could end up looking all irratic.

So basically if I'm doing things right regualar visitors to my site and podcasts wont notice a difference.