What am I gonna do when Corona ends?

While much of the USA has shut down and most people are confined to their homes my job has gotten both easier and harder at the same time. My job was already vital to the economy before the pandemic and is even more vital during it.

Life in the fast lane, literally.

I live and drive mostly in Michigan. Not long after the start of the pandemic Governor Whitmer lifted restrictions on trucks routes, weights and apparently speed as well. The highway speed for trucks here is limited to 65 mph. Cars are 70. My base of operation is on the west side of the state making it a 3 HR trip to Detroit at 65 mph. Since the lifting of restrictions I have made it to Detroit in 2 1/2 hrs at 70+ mph and gone past many troopers and not been bothered. That is the weirdest feeling ever. To know that its ok to break the law at this point in time. I have to wear ppe stuff at all times. Especially when I'm with customers or at a truck stop fueling and even when cleaning out a trailer in between loads. Part of the job was already limited human contact. And when I get home my wife has clothes for me to change into at the door. Then I shower without saying hi to her or the kids. There is another set of clothes waiting for me after the shower. After a shower and 2 clothe changings I am allowed to be in the samw room as them. Yes it's harder to do my job now and just as hard to get home. But the super light traffic and being able to take short cuts on the job make it a whole lot easier to get it done.

When it's done

I am going to walk up to every person I meet. Whether it's a customer, another driver or a stranger I meet on the street and give them the biggest bear hug that I can. And tell them I love them for being them. Then I'm going to home and hug my family and thank them for allowing me to do what I love to do for a living. Then tell them I love them and take a week off from work and not go anywhere!