How to Post 3Speak Videos on dBlog - A Hive Tutorial

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How to Post 3peak Videos on dBlog

Want your video you just uploaded to 3Speak to show on your dBlog? Do this way!

I did not realize the audio on this sounded so poorly. But the steps are simple enough that you should be able to follow the written ones. If it is too bad please let me know and I will redo the video!

Step 1

Post to 3Speak as you normaly would. Upload the video file and fill out all the appropriate tags and community info. Upload the thumbnail and keep in mind that on 3Speak the "description" part is where the normal body of text is on other frontends. So this is where it will help to use a seperate markdown editor.

If you have images you can upload them to imgr (thats where they go if you use dblog to upload).Otherwise the only image will be the thumbnail you upload to 3Speak. It will be used as the featured image as well.

Choose whether you want it to go live after encoding is finished or schedule it for a different date. Once it is publised to 3Speak and it can be seen you can now go to your dBlog dashboard.

Step 2

In your dBlog dashboard make sure you are on the correct blog you want it to import to. Go to "blog settings" and scroll all the way to the bottom. You will see a section called "Import old posts".

Choose the category you want it to post to and click the import button and wait. It wont take long so dont reach for the coffee cup! This import function will pull in only the newest posts to the blockchain. So make sure you do it before you post any other posts that you dont want to show!

You will see a green "Success" notification in the upper right corner. It worked. You can now go visit your blog and check to see if it looks the way you wanted to.

Side note

This will only work on your own content. You still cannot embed someone else's videos from 3Speak, dTube, bitchute, etc. YouTube videos are only supported at the time of this writing. But knowing my luck and the speed at which the developer is working on dBlog it proabaly work by the time I hit publish on this, lol!


I hope you are starting to see why I am so excited about dBlog and Hive/ The applications of Hive are endless to begin with. Then you add in apps such as dBlog and the whole universe starts to open up.

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