The TwitterHive Tribe

The TwitterHive Tribe

I'm not bashing it but just sayin...

Over the last month or so if you're on Twitter Im sure you've noticed the huge uptick in tweets abou hive on Twitter. Yes there is a huge concerted effort over there with onboarding new users to hive. As well as another huge effort to get hive hashtags to trend on Twitter.

Its an awesome effort and is garnering a large swath of new intrest from people. I applaud it with a huge standing ovation.


There is nothing wrong with following your fellow hivians on twitter. But me personally Im more interested in following and engaging people on hive. Twitter is nothing more than a giant echo chamber that only lasts for a second in relation to peoples attention span.

Ever since I joined hive and got serious with it I was one the one championing it on twitter. And I probably still will be until they ban me.

You can have a ton of engagement and shiw all the analytics in the world about how great it is. But when people arrive and see minimum engagement, well its disheartening to say the least.

High quailty content

Generally people show up on hive and see all these posts that look absolutely beautiful. Well written like a story laid out. And they dont feel like they can do that. They just want to post a funny cat picture. But dont because the last cat pic didnt get any upvotes. They get discouraged and revert back to other social media

We, that are already here are to blame. We just scroll by and dont bother to comment or vote. Because it didnt exxite you personally. Well you and I need to return the engagement. The mere fact that that individual went though the steps to join hive and then post is there first attempt at engagement. We need to reciprocate that engagement.

The more we encourage the better and more higher quality content will come. Little by little, bit by bit. My frind @ph1102 has committed to 10 comments per day. And I am commiting to the same.

As far as the twitter hive tribe. I'm going to personally going to step back from twitter and do much more engagement here on hive.

What do you think about the differncesin engagement on twitter compared to hive?