The Meaning of Life is in You - Happiness

The Meaning of Life is in You - Happiness

Everybody works so hard to find happiness but never do.

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Back in my younger years I wasn't all that smart. Are you surprised?

I'm guessing your not. I'm a high school "kick" out. I dint leave on my own I was, to quote the principle "not invited to attend my final year." I wasnt all that devastated about it. And I didnt really try to push the issue. I had more important things to do. Like get a job, make money, buy cars and guitars and be a rock star.

College? Hell no

So I attended ITT, a tech college in Indiana to learn about electronics. I had a goal of working in the music or computer industries. That lasted for about a month. I just cant learn anything in a class room setting. I never have been able to.

So I did the one thing that every kid does. I got a job a McDonald's. I got pretty far and even considered a carrer in restaurant management. But seriously? A strung out high school kick out that couldnt keep my brain in one place long enough to not burn a cheeseburger on the grill be successful in a restaurant for a life time? Nah, that wasn't gonna happen.

I was also interested in learning about computers in high school. Would you believe me if I told you that didnt last either. I absolutely hated it. It was boring and for my brain I needed to actually physically do something. So I kicked that idea to the curb. That teacher also told me I was dumb for running from it.

Truck Driver

So I was driving past some trucks on the way home from McD's and it hit me. When I was a kid growing up and watching Convoy and Smoky and the Bandit I always wanted to drive the big trucks. So I hit the paper and tried. A large international company was having a hiring spree and I went. They told me I didnt have what it took to be a truck driver and sent me on my way.

I then met a girl whose parents lived out of state. We ended up dating and her dad, who happens to be a truck driver offered to train me and get me a job. That was in 1992. So now here I am in 2020 wondering if that high school principle is still around. And what he would think if he knew how many miles I've driven accident free.

If he knows how to shift through 18 gears going up and down mountins. If he can back up a 53 ft trailer on the blind side without getting out every couple of feet while not hitting anything.

About that Rockstar dream

I also wonder if my music teacher that said that playing guitar was a worthless investment. I wonder what she would think if she knew my band opened a show for Great White at Soaring Eagle Casino in 2011. Maybe she might think different if she was around everytime I go to a bar or nightclub in central Michigan and everybody seems to remember me playing for them but I can remember all of their names. I've even signed autographs. Talk about feeling like a rock star.

The computer lab teacher?

I've been running Linux on all of my machines since 2010 and I absolutely love it. Learning on the command line is a blast and wish I would have caught that bug a long time ago. I bet he wouldn't think I could've learned to do that kind of stuff.

Here is the parable to my story

I've met so many people in my 50 years of life on this planet. There is no way possible I could ever remember them all. I literaly have friends in nearly every country on earth. I've met with, talked to, hung out with, drank beer with, interviewed and partied with people from all walks of life, from the super wealthy to the poorest of poor. I'm here to tell you that getting what you want out of life is what you put into it.

The key is are you happy with you. Right here, right now, at this very second in time. Are you happy with what you are? How you are? Who you are? Think about that in every situation. Every day. If you arent happy with it then the only one who can change it is you! Nothing else, nobody else. No matter how much money someone can throw at you will make you a better person. No amount of time or money you invest in learning a carreer will make you happy.

You must be happy with yourself first. Then you will be happy with everything else.

I'm not saying that I never get to feeling down and out. I do, I suffer from some of the most decrepid bouts of depression and anxiety. But I do my best to not ever let that get me down. I just stop and think of what I can do to make it better in that momment. I live my life nearly day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second. It's a whirlwind and can create a lot of chaos when it comes to family plans. But it is so much fun.

But just give it a try. If you arent feeling happy with your life. Ask yourself what can you do in the next 60 seconds to change your outlook? And then act on it.

I'm not advocating violence or any illegal activities. Just suggesting you find something to make you happy at that momment. ie take a walk, play a musical instrument, paint, draw, write, etc

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