Test Post - Rewards are Declined for This Post

This is just a test post to see how embeding videos on dBlog works.

This is just a test post to see if YouTube videos can be shared and how on dBlog. The video is from my old YouTube account back when I was doing the TruckinNutz podcast. Video was recorded in the sleeper of my 2019 Peterbuilt 579 at the Loves Travel Center in Hutchins, Tx.

First just the link.

Try this

Now for an embed

Well in the preview mode it shows with both the link and the embed.

Next I'll try a random 3Speak video.

Not my video! It was created by @lucianv and is a very cool video. (We need more content creators like her on Hive).

First using just the link.


Now the hidden link

And the embed is below.

(Unsupported https://3speak.co/embed?v=lucianav/amtzials)

Well shit! It doesnt embed or do the 3Speak videos. Lets try Dtube,


And emed

(Unsupported https://emb.d.tube/#!/romafedorov/QmarXWiSrb6o1Y8StqyUPH89GzGs5T9zU2sWwuLTYgFrwa)

So dTube wont work either.

Finally I'll try LBRY.tv

Back when I resuced a baby raccoon from a tractor tire filled with water.

Just the link


And the embed

(Unsupported https://lbry.tv/$/embed/rocket-raccoon/fbbb9e1a477ac2538f32774287b7ab5e1b05d3d0)

And there you have it. Only YouTube videos will embed. I did not check Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.