Stop! Pleas, just stop.

Stop please just stop

For the love of god please stop doing this!

I know I'm just a small fish in a huge pond here on Hive but I got to say something to my fellow content creators. Because we need to have this discussion right now before its too late.


The problem

Now this is mostly for the creators who are utilizing more than just Hive as a platform and trying to maximize access to their content across many outlets. I understand you are creating massive amounts of content and that takes a lot of effort and the "My Precious" time. But here is the problem I see. You want to make it easy so you just copy/paste things such as your donation links, other platforms you can be found on, things you want to promote, etc. I'm not criticizing you for that. I'm even guilty of doing it. Then when you want to make a quick post that only gets a quick point across in a paragraph or two what happens? Your readers/listeners/viewers are looking/scrolling through 5 more paragraphs that they have seen many times before. It's kind of monotonous to your audience. And it honestly looks bad.

"What about the first time viewer?" "They dont know about those links! How will they know where they can find me on all the other platforms?" I understand those questions and statements. But if you make a short post and 3/4 of it is links that first time reader is thinking to themselves "I aint reading that crap again."And you are done before you got started with them. Just like your time is precious enough that you take shortcuts to copy/paste their time is precious and they gave it up to read all your damn links with minimum content.

The Solution?

Take your time and at least make the effort to tailor your post to the platform you are presenting it on. If you want your new found audience member to know where to find all of your stuff on other platforms point them to one place that has it all. I present to you CoinTree. This is the perfect place to put all your info such as social media sites and all your crypto donation links. Just put the link at the end of your excellent and well produced peice of content and boom. No need for your peeps to get the squigilly eyes from reading through 4 paragraphs of "Dontate {insert crypto currecy here} to ...."

If you are wanting to draw people to a particualar platform then by all means do it! Just post teasers on the ones you dont want them on and draw them to your platform of choice. For example you share your post on Twitter linking to this post and using the hashtage #HiveBlogPost or share the link to your 3Speak video. Just make sure you arent putting all those damn links on every damn post on every damn platform. It just looks tacky and annoying.


So I'm calling you content creators out!

I want to see you take the time to tailor your posts for each platform you post on. If you choose to be mainly on one platform I want to see you posting teasers on the others and not just posting the same content. Can you do it? I dont know thats up to you as an individual. Trust me with my day job I know all about time management. As of writing this post I am only on day two of my new found commitment to Hive. But I have 4 posts already scheduled to drop over the next 4 days. This one is scheduled for Friday morning.


Do you want to know more about me, what I do and how you can help me change the world? Then please visit my link page for all the answers!

See? It's not that hard now is it?

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