Stop Giving Big Tech Control

Stop Giving Big Tech Control!

Why are we continuing to give big tech companies control over our stuff?

Pre Rant about Google

Arguably one of the power houses of big tech is Google. Who gives us all these free apps and and mobile operating systems. Yet they are an advertising company? And I know that I shouldn't be putting my faith into them knowing how they are with creating some killer apps and then promptly killing them off leaving user stranded. The Google Reader comes to mind as the biggest one so far.


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"Danger Will Robinson, Danger"

But there is another one that is coming very soon that is going to be even bigger. In case you haven't heard, Google has announced that by the end of 2020 that Google Play Music is getting killed and everything will be migrated over to YouTube Music. Because, you know, gotta get more views on YouTube so they can make advertisers happy to hand over money so creators can be profited, er, monetized, I mean, so that creators can become "partners" with Google in the advertising that everybody just clicks through.

But no big deal right? Just migrate your music library over to the new app and boom. All is good. No, I dont want to use that crappy app. I dont want to use anything that can make them a profit.

This is the start of my current dilemma.

Google Play Music

While I have used the free version for **years** and it's done all I've really needed. I have uploaded a metric shit ton of indie music that has been submitted to me over the years. I was a very happy paying customer for Google Drive for a couple of years and used it to store a back up of that music. Some 50+ GB of mp3's of many unknown artists. When I quit Google Drive That back up was gone, instantly.

Still had the Google Play Music app and that was/is all good. I can just download my full library to my computer when I get home and ... **nope**!

I use Firefox on the Ubuntu Studio partition. Cant do nearly anything Google-ly with Firefox. So I install Brave on it and get "please sign into Google" while I'm signed into Google and it still wont let me. So I try to use the Google Play Music manager. Nope it wont work either.

So now it looks like I'm going to be forced into installing Google Chrome , the world's craptastic browser that tracks everything about you down to how many breathes you take per second, just so I can download my own music that I own. Even the ones that I purchased through Google Play Music.

My only other option is to migrate to YouTube Music and I can keep all my music with it (they say). But then I haven't found any documentation as to whether you can download your library from it either.



This is why we need to stop putting our faith in big tech. We dont own what we pay for or use. These big companies just want to suck our information up and turn us into products.

Just another reason why I am thankful for joining Hive and the Web 3.0. It is really changing the way I look at the internet and my interactions with people online,

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