TSHP Ep37 News and Updates

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Audio only episodes

I have decided that I will no longer produce audio only episodes. Its not that I dont like to do them but I have found that it is much easier to just produce video and then rip the audio to Anchor. So if you are subscribed to an audio only feed this is why the episode numbers are jumping and there appears to be large gaps between publications. I have published 3 episodes and they were very visual. I'll be honest here and just admit that I will probably eventually phase out the audio only episodes in favor of video. I'm starting to really like to edit and produce the video episodes more and more. And even have an idea to produce a "documentary" about trucking and being decentralized. Prolly just a pipe dream.

I started a new YouTube channel and I go over some things that are absolutely absurd that YouTube is doing now because they are clearly only wanting people to start a channel in order to make money off of you. And if you arent already an established creator with a large audience then you will never "make it big" on YouTube. Thank god there is a couple of alternatives where creators are reporting that they are making more money with a smaller audience than on YouTube.
I would give you a nice looking url but since I have to 100 subscribers and be active for 30 days I wont ever get to give you a pretty url to go to. So I will just link my absolutely favorite video sites below.

I still love LBRY and am loving 3Speak more and more each day. I am posting pretty much everything on LBRY and only posting some things on 3Speak. I am hoping to post everything on 3Speak as well but am still trying to get it caught up.

I've been experimenting with different video editors and am even trying out Blender. Which has a huge learning curve. At least for me anyways.

Episode Scripts Repo - If you have a github and would like to contribute to an episode or even write an episode hit me up! This is where you can get an idea of what is coming down the pike in a future episode. Eventually this will include all of my podcasts, not just TSHP.

News Stories

All 3 are from Reclaim the Net and that was totally unplanned. Much like every episode of TSHP!

Link: https://reclaimthenet.org/cancel-culture-and-censorship-thrive-in-a-world-where-you-stream-or-license-everything-and-own-nothing/

Link: https://reclaimthenet.org/china-says-twitter-should-ban-people-who-smear-china/

Link: https://reclaimthenet.org/court-rules-feds-need-warrant-look-lockscreen/

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