BM-08-08 My Expectations vs Reality of Hive

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Expectations vs Reality 08-08-20

What I Expected vs What I Actually Got from Hive!

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Hive News

  • Autoclaim Services for everyone is free - It works and I am watching my wallet grow daily without having to think about it.
  • Hivesearcher - Search the blockchain
  • CTP is a Year Old - I recently joined up with CTP and am currently going through the training. It's not that I want to be an affiliate marketer. I've been interested in it for some time and have dabbled. But if it's something I can use to help fund the show and ultimately do content creation full time then why not? They also have a vibrant community on hive.
  • A coule of weeks ago I started the twitter account 3SpeakVidShare. Starting yesterday I will try to post the top 30 leader board of 3Speak.
    Yesterdays is here

Hive Love Fest

Just some random love for some of the people I follow around hive

Expectation vs What I Got


  • Roll in, post a bunch of posts, get a bunch of bots that upvote shit for the crypto and be gone. No actual people to talk with.
  • A bunch of scammers asking me to buy bitcoin.


  • Real genuine people that engage and encourage.
  • Friendships blooming
  • Large sweeping initiavites to onboard people
  • So many different apps that you only need one accont for all of them.
  • Such a large user base aready

Major problem we need to overcome for mass adoption of Hive!

Inititives are awesome and work really well! But they dont actually mean anything if you dont retain those users!!!!

Retention is just as important, and I would argue more important, than onboarding new users!

I've only been here since April. I shyed away from posting and interacting on hive because I didnt understand it. I still dont. But when I learned a little bit more I realized this is best place with the most potential to make people like me, normal people happy!

@Jaynie commented on @theycallmedan's post from 08-07-20

... developing a million things and all of them are amazing - but that does not fix the problem of appealing to the mass. That does not fix the problem of speaking a language that others understand! That does not fix the problem of people ALREADY here who lack enthusiasm to invest or spread the word of investment. That does not OFFER the fried chicken that everyone (subliminally) WANTS!!!!

She is 100% correct!!!

Also stated

market and promote this space on a GROUND LEVEL - "get people to understand it" - find them a space and place where they will be looked after, that will teach them the fundamentals and essentially HELP THEM GROW!

Part of the problem is the dapps & Marketing

What got me thinking about this is this tweet convo started by @dickturpin. If you like Linux I suggest you follow him and read his site. Hes a pretty cool dude!

He is correct as well!

These apps are marketed all wrong!
PeakD - marketed as "Your entry point to the decentralized world." Thats brilliant because it gives you an overview of everything possible. You would expect to see a little bit of all media there. - Not so much. New people are expecting a blog. Insinuating a reading eperience. But what they are greeted with looks like a social media site. Not videos. - I'm guessing uses filters to show the audio that is posted to it. Not all the feeds from people you follow. Again this is brilliant!

3Speak - All I see is the videos that people have posted! Not the blogs that others have posted!

Dpoll - brillant again. Only polls as expected.

Tomorrow Part 2 will drop along with the rest of the show notes. Please stand by.

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