An Open Message to "Content Creators"

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You Are Not A Content Creator!

An open message to "content creators" on LBRY, 3Speak, DTube, BitChute, etc.


Hey all. Let me just say real quick that this is not intended for the mass majority of you people who are working your ass off creating and producing content on these platforms. Some of you that I follow put stuff out on a daily basis or even more. Thats just insane! I dont want to say slow down but please dont burn your self out doing it! You are awesome and you are whats going to distinguish these platforms from the giant YouTube. I wish we could all get off of YouTube and we eventually will but I get why we are there. Yes I said we, I'm on there too. And with that I'm going to get into the reason of this video.

The reason

While I'm purusing the vast amount of content on these platforms I'm starting to notice something. I believe its probably been there since the beginning. Well, let me just talk to the "non-content creators". I think you know who I'm talking to. I'm not going to call out anybody by name because that would be distasteful and disrespectful. But you people who are stealing content and just doing minor edits to a video and posting it so that you can earn some crypto need to stop. I'm not into censorship and I believe fully in free speech. Especially the speech that one disagrees with. But you ass hats that just out right steal someone elses content and post it as your own. You should be banned from these platforms. Plagarism is wrong no matter how you look at it or whatever form it takes. Profiting off of someone else hard work is bull shit.

I see these people posting full complete recent movies, popular copywritten music and basicly doing what ever you can to violate some law somewhere. Honestly, I dont care if you do that. But there are already places on the interwebs to do that. So why not go do that stuff over there. I know you probably got kicked off YouTube for doing that. And your aditude is "I'm gonna do what I can to fight da man" big corp media houses". Which I agree with you on doing but your plan of attack sucks and has been used for decades. It does not work and only makes the corp media giants stronger. So come up with a different tatic if that is your game.

But I dont honestly think that is your game. You see I think its because you want to "make money online". Which is a really cool concept and does actually work but the problem is that it takes actual creativity and real hard, consistent work to do. You have to actively brainstorm, write, plan and then produce. Is that why I'm doing it? No. Making money on my podcasts, blogs, graphics or videos, even back in 2006 has never been a goal of mine. Did the thought ever cross my mind? Yes, lots of times. I've had actual real sponsors. I've tried creating products and selling them. But it was not something that I liked to do. I prefer my content to be free because I'm honest with myself about the quaility and consistancy of it. I dont have time to put out a metric shit ton and struggle to put out what I can. But I want to put out good, consumable content that is original and not just stealing it from someone else and making it look like mine.


So just posting some movies, popular "established" artists music or just outright stealing someone else's YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Periscope video is theft! And you should be punished accordingly. What that punishment is I dont know. But a simple banning of your ip from the platform would be good in my book. Why? Because if you're either "sticking it to da man" or "profiting off the hard work of someone else because you lack the creativity and will power to do it on your own" is making the rest of us look bad in the eyes of the general public and only adds fuel to the fire of the YouTube execs to say "See we are doing it legal. You must shut them down!"

No matter what your game is or your reason for doing what you are doing please do not call yourself a "content creator". You are a "content theif".

Wow this goes back to my philosophy on life. "Dont be a dick."

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