TestingVimmm, the website, not the editor

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Testing Vimm, the website not the editor

Last night I went live on Vimm.TV for about 30 minutes. This was just a random unscripted stream with no real intentions of actually doing anything. I just wanted to see if I could connect and it would actually worked. I've been trying to connect with 3Speak for sometime now but all I've been able to do is upload a video. Nothing live.

I was looking for a viable alternative to live YouTube and thought Dlive was it. Boy was I wrong about that.
Now that I have Vimm.tv I can do all the things I wanted to do on Dlive and YoutTube.

Well Vimm.TV was a huge surprise. It connected right up and even autmagicly posted to Hive that I was live. I had 17 people watching and got a ton of upvotes from the community. I just played some of my original music and came up with a plan for the next live stream.

I will be going live again this Saturday 23-05-2020. I will announce the time sometime thiw week. Whats so special and why should you watch? I will have my guitar plugged in and be doing some jamming and even playing with some backing tracks or drum gizmo.

I'm also going to attempt to go live from my phone at least once this week while I'm working in the truck.

So go subscribe and watch for me to go live!

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