How to Post to dBlog with Images and Videos - A Hive Tutorial

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How to Post to dBlog with Images and Videos

A quick and easy tutorial on how to use dBlog

  • Step 1 Log into dblog and go to "write post". I suggest writing your post offline just to keep your self from being distracted. Use a seperate Markdown editor, Google Docs or Libre Office. What ever you are comfortable using. But the editor on dBlog is markdown so make sure what ever you use is markdown compataple.
  • Step 2 Put in your text and make it look prettty.
  • Step 3 Insert your images by dragging and dropping. Dont forget the featured image box. The same image does not have to be inserted into the body of the text. But will not show on other front ends of Hive such as PeakD. Only the images in the body will be seen on other front ends.
  • Step 4 Choose your categories and tags. If you are wanting to post to a certain community make sure that is the first tag. Should show as "hive-123456"

Embedding videos

Currently only YouTube videos can be embeded and all it takes to do it is to paste in the url to it.

If you are using 3Speak as I am with my videos then you would post as normal to 3Speak and import the post. That tutorial will land in another day or two.

Ending music is "Hammer on Down" written, recorded and produced by me. It is Creative Commons and is avaialable at my profile on and Soundcloud for free.

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