My Hive dapp wishlist

Barely a month in and I want more!

I know Im a noob to the whole world of dapps in general and choosing hive as my first full on foray into crypto just feels so right.

I'm sure you probably know that I am not a developer and cant code my way out of a box soplease forward this to any devs you may know so they can get ideas for future dapps they might be interested in creating.

I know some of these dapps I will be mentioning are already in existence in other ecosystems but they are not currently on hive.

In a recent video from @dantheman he mentioned that we need to just move head on into web 3.0 and stop trying to utilize the old web 2 to bring people in. I think he is correct! We just need to do it and people will follow. That's how I got into the fediverse and ended up here. Screw the old bring in the new!

The following dapps are mostly ones I am trying desperately to replace in my web 2.0 world. These are things that are vital to my podcast and website.

RSS feed catcher - for gathering news for the podcast and general news stories that isn't curated by a corporation that uses an AI that conditions me how to think. Needs to work on mobile mainly. Im on my phone 80-90% of the week.

3Speak mobile app - for those entertain me times that I don't want to be social and log into esteem. Would be great to have especially if someone is live.

Live internet radio station - mobile - I love to listen to talk radio while truck driving. Podcasts mostly but I prefer live radio over all others.

A landing page similar to linkly - Honestly this is mostly just for me. But if I could get a landing page set up with all my links and use @engrave for all my podcast posts then there would be no need for a website when I can just point domains at stuff.

Hive Keychain mobile app - Cause Hivesigner just ain't cutting it on mobile. I have heard they are working on it.

PeakD mobile app - Just cause its more competition and competition is good.