Making Decisions Suck

Making Decisions Suck

Trying to decide what looks best on your own blog is HARD!

dBlog is making the decision hard on me

Yesterday I posted a tutorial on how to use dBlog as your personal website or blog. They only advertise 3 themes to choose from but there are 5. They are all really good looking but there are 3 of them that I absolutely torn up over. I cant decide which one to use!


This is probably my absolute favorite one and it's currently in use as of this writing. It has the slider at the top and lists the categories off in the upper right. Its slick clean, beautiful and justs gets out of a readers way to read content. I am absolutely in love with it.

The only drawback with it in my opinion is that when you click through to read an article it has on the right side a list of the most popular articles in the sidebar. For me personally I would much rather see the article front and center with no sidebar. Then the most popular content displayed below the article currently being read.


This is my second favorite. Its not an original theme as I've seen it in both Wordpress themes and static html sites. I love the layout of this one but the sidebar on the left doesnt go very far down and the content on the right just goes on forever. Leaving a bunch of whitespace on the left after you scroll for a bit. I think this would be solved with some pagination to the content column.


On Strata the left column is fixed and serves as the header and showcases the user on the left while the content is scrollable on the right. This one would probably be my favorite for a blog if I could do some slight customization.

First I would like the ability to customize the background of the user profile area with my own background. Also if I could get a larger or square image as the user photo I think it would look better.

I hope you are starting to see

I hope you are starting to see why I am so excited about dBlog. You can use it for your own website or blog and can even purchase domain names through the marketplace that are already preconfigured.

All the hard work is already done for you. All you gotta do is get in and start creating content. It's absolutely brillant. Which one is your favorite? Which one will you start your own blog with?

Am I a little too over zealous for dBlog? Not in my opinion. I absolutly love it!!

Super Quick Breaking News Update

During the recording of the first tutorials yesterday I mentioned that the wallet didnt display correctly. It appears that has now been corrected and is now working. I logged in to post this and it was working for me!