We Need a Community Rally

We Need a Community Rally

Hive is already a diverse group of people. What if we all came together?

Photo by Marcin Dampc from Pexels

We have bankers, stay at home moms, stay at home dads, children of all ages, all different kinds of religions, politics, genders, etc. We all post in "communites" here on hive. People from all walks of life, finacial status come together to talk about and create content for them.

It's these little things that I really love about hive. The reach across multiple communities to engage and grow the hive as a whole would be astounding! So many people from such diverse walks of life. People from all over the globe, coming together to make a commitment and promote each other. That is what hive is to me.

So why not step outside your comfort zone? Why not go explore a different community than what you are used to. It's really easy and simple to do. Especially on PeakD. Just go to the community tab and pick one. And start to scroll.

There are literally every kind of community out there already. Everything from "Foodies" to "Hive How to's"!

What I'm gonna do

Starting on Wednesday 9-09-20 I'm going to randomly pick a community to share with you. I will attempt to highlight some of the posts that I find interesting. This will be a new post that will be published each and every Wednesday.

Personally, I think this is an outstanding idea. Mostly because I thought of it. Lol. But I am a vain little bonehead.