5 Things I always want to do

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5 Things I always wanted to do

Be a chef

- Doesnt have to be a 5 star restaurant
- Happy having my own small town diner/bar
- Love cooking from scratch using just whats in the house

Audio engineer or sound designer

- This would be an awesome career for me to do. I love playing with audio. I suck at it because I never have gotten any studio monitors or flat speakers but I think I'm pretty good. I've read interviews with some of these engineers and producers that have been in the business for decades that have ruined their hearing from loud music for days on end. And the music and sounds they produce are still better than someone with young fresh ears.

Go to another country (not Canada, I've been there)

  • Czech republic
  • France
  • Belgum
  • Austrailia
  • New Zeeland

Have time to do what I want when I want to do things.

  • Wish I didnt have to drive truck. But glad I do
  • Be home more than a day and a half each week.

Help people

- Bonehead Media - Its a great name for a news media spoof site. But I named it that because I want to show people that being safe and secure on a computer is possible without having to know a bunch of technical stuff. Thats why I changed the tagline to "If a bonehead can do it..."
- I also chose the name because I already used Unkle Bonehead Studio Network UBSN as a radio station.

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