Something very cool just happened

I went and started a second account.

I started a second Twitter account called 3SpeakVideoShare to RT all the 3Speak videos that get posted there.

You can find it here on hive @threespkvidshare. But I wont be sharing those videos here. There is already a threespeak community. On that hive account I will be posting interviews with 3Speak creators and tutorials.

I did it with intention of using that account to do nothing but shill the virtues of using 3Speak over YouTube and other video sharing sites such as DTube, Bitchute LBRY and others.

Why 3Speak?

Because, I think its better than the others. I know it goes down from time to time and sometimes you cant access it. But those are growing pains.

The others such as DTube, Bitchute, etc dont appear to be going about things right in my opinion. True you can use your hive account to log into and post to DTube, they only added that due to out cry from the community. They didnt embrace the fork of Hive from Steem as all the other dapps did. They initially chose to stay with Steem. That decision showed me where their loyalty lies. Bitchute on the other hand is bitchute.

But 3Speak has chosen the correct path in my view. They seem to be putting there cryptocurrency where their mouth is, so to speak. They are putting the users before themselves and sticking by the correct goals of free speech even if they disagree with that speech.

To me, that is worth its weight in gold.

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