Just a test

I'm posting this using scrcpy from my Arcolinux install. And it seems to be working pretty cool.

There is a small lag when typing through the keyboard of your computer into your phone but it only seems as though its intermittent.

I thought of posting this only because I had been getting questioins from some friends irl (in real life) abour hive and what it is. I think I've been able to show it off enough to them that I wet their appetites enough to make them want to join.

Hopefully I will need to be asking for a VIP ticket from Hiveonboard soon for them.

So this is going to conclude my test post to hive using my phone, without holding it in my hands and using dapplr!

Take care and have a great Saturday.

I am also pretty bummed that I cant do my live show this afternoon. But if I can get onto the MSPWaves discord server Pirate room this evening I will. You will just have to go to the PAL discord to watch or listen.

Posted using Dapplr