About that app called dapplr

I'm being totally honest here.

I really didn't think dapplr would be that great. But then I tried it out and OMG!

Now that they've added giphy writing posts are actually a blast on mobile. Not that I had any real problems with using Peakd on the brave mobile or kiwi. Or even using escensy (esteem). But its really turning out to be quite intuitive to post.

Its slowly changing my workflow on hive.

More and more I'm looking at getting a Bluetooth keyboard. Just so I can post longer form stuff using dapplr.

Just the other day I was showing off an app called scrcpy to my daughter. Its an app that lets you control an android phone from your computer and even displays it on your desktop. In fact I use it on all of my videos and live streams. It allows me to use my phone as a webcam and looks better than some of those $100 cameras. Dont even have to install anything on the phone!

I digress, I used it to make a post to hive using dapplr. Her intial reaction was cool. "But, whats dapplr?" So I think she might be interested in hive. She is quite the artist herself and when she finds out about all the artists on hive she just might be scrambling to join.

But I honestly dont know if she will share her art. Its always been pretty personal for her as an escape from her anxiety and reclusiveness. But shes coming to terms with it slowly over the years. And when shes ready to share it with the world outside of her family and circle of trust. Believe me, you will be astounded with what she can create.

I shared some of it on Mastodon a year or two ago and it upset her quite a bit. So ever since I always make sure she is fine with it.

I'll talk more on Wednesday and we can get together on Saturday at 9pm UTC on MSPWaves.

If you want to know more about me then follow me or go to my Cointree to find all the links to my content around the web2.0. For web 3.0, looks like you are already here, thank you for being here!

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