Happy Monday Hive!

I hope you have a great day!

You should already have a post from me that was scheduled to droo afound 5am est. Its part 2 of Saturday nights show on @mspwaves. Its tagged as nsfw as was part 1 for lanquage. Truck drivers are sometimes the most civilized of people. We are crude and rude and love our Fbombs.

About mid day you should get another scheduled post from me. Its part of an initiative and I think you should join it!

And then I took this pic this morning.

I was very impressed with how it came out. I took it on my OnePlus6T camera using the nightscape mode. Looks like I should've been using that all along. Lol.

I had an experience on Twitter yesterday that got me thinking about some things with Hive and the dapps. So that may end up being a big topic on Saturdays show.

As for a daily vlog today. Im gonn try to do one this afternoon when the sun is out and I got good lighting.

See you all around the Hive!

Remember, no matter where you go, there you are. - from some movie

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