I've been busy at work and now its time to play!


Pounding the pavement is a good thing!

I've been pretty busy with the truckin job this week. Well you may have heard on the news that Pfizer is working on production and testing of a #coronavirus vaccince at their Kalamazoo, MI facility. Well guess who is one of my companies biggest customer is? Thats right! Pfizer! Since I heard that on the news last week I've been running back and forth from a place near O'hare airport and Kalamazoo just as fast as they can unload/reload.
Let's just say that its a normal 3 - 3 1/2 hour ride from the pick up near the airport to the Kalamazoo facility. I've been making it in 2 1/2 - 3 hours. Yep, aint no grass growing under my truck this last week, lol.
I love doing this kind of critical work. And I really do hope the vaccine works. You have no idea how proud it makes me feel to be one of the few that is entrusted with a cargo that has such a high value that isn't just money.

I'm now rawkin' Arch!

As you can see in the screenshot that its not pure Arch but rather Arcolinux. I'm sure there is a purest out there that will give me crap because I didnt do it the "Arch way". Arcolinux is a "teacher" version of Arch to help you build your confidence and learn how to install Arch in stages. It even teaches you how to build an iso. And thats why I'm doing it. I figured since I've used mostly Ubuntu since 2010 and only get into the terminal when I think I know what I'm doing. I guess it's time I just go ahead and learn it the right way. I've ran Arch once before but got mad at it when it wouldnt boot after a kernel upgrade. I didnt have time to learn how to fix it so I nuked and paved with Ubuntu and stuck with the gui all these years. But not anymore. I want to learn how to use Awesome, i3wm and get my fingers dirty. Right now I'm switching between Plasma, LXQT and Gnome. But I've always been a fan of Plasma the most.

I like it so much that I'm considering putting it on my Acer C300 Chromebook. I gonna have to do some more research on that before I do it though. It is an intel Chromebook with a normal bios so it will install straight to bare metal and not a chroot.

The Frankenputer is dead & hardware upgrades out the wazoo, too!

Frankeputer (HP 17 with the i5) is toast. The cat knocked it off the desk onto the hardwood floor and broke the lid/screen beyond repair and the case on the base is cracked so I'm guessing the mobo is cracked as well. But luck be my lady tonight. The wife's computer showed up and I stole her old one. It's only a i3 but my ram from the Frankenputer bumps it up to 16gb! It may take a little longer to render videos but it seems to be running pretty damn good. One of these days I will just invest in building a desktop just for video editing. Polly not since I'm a cheapskate. Just being realistic. I also got a new phone. I got the OnePlusOne 6T. I know it's already a couple of years old already but thats how I roll. I dont like brand new devices. I like ones that are tried and true.

The other hardware upgrade is a gimball for recording with my phone. It's a handheld mount that is also a desktop tripod. Has a 50 led light with 3 different diffusers and a shotgun mic that can be mounted right on it. Should raise the quality of my vids by 100%. Now you can see my ugly mug in HD!

Thats about all I got for now. Gonna look at doing a test stream on #3speak later tonight. I'll post about going live if anybody is interested in waching.
I will be going over @engrave on this weeks episode.