I have to defend my opinion and say my peace

I have to defend my opinion and say my peace

More Drama than High School

I didn't want to say anything but since I'm apparently included I'm gonna have to.
Ive been watching this drama unfold over the last several days with @cryptofinally. And somehow I got pulled into it because of a previous post of mine about content creators having ugly link filled footers. How that post, which is directed at all content creators on all platforms, got used as an attack on a single creator I don't know. But that was not my intention. So just to be clear the post was not intended towards @cryptofinally. Even though I was quoted in her periscope live stream this morning as stating that my opinion was wrong.

Hmmm, didn't know an opinion could be wrong. Just disagreed with.

I honestly hope she reads this whole thing with an open mind and doesn't take this the wrong way. Because she was one of the crypto content creators that inspired me to join into the world of crypto.
And for that I thank her along with the others that I am not going to link to because they don't need to be brought in on this drama.

The intention of my post was to bring awareness to the constant string of affiliate or cyrpto wallet links in the footers of content. Not all that bad if it is already a long post. But when its a short paragraph and then copy paste 4 paragraphs that is identical to the previous 20 posts. It looks tacky. I suggested to just put those links on a link page and keep your post clean. If you have something specific to promote then add it. But keep your footer clean.

Simple concept to make you look more organized, efficient and professional.

But since I'm included

She seems to be having a problem with several users here on Hive. That can both be bad and good. But after listening to the drama unfold over the last couple of days and I read that she is leaving the hive blockchain. And in her live stream on Periscope this morning combined with her previous posts on Twitter and hive I'm starting to see a pattern that I recognize in many content creators all over the internet. Not just the crypto creators. Its in every genre and sub genre everywhere. I call it "the lead singer syndrome".

You know the type. They get a little recognition and they take it over the top to get to be even more well known. For some people this is pretty much normal. And we all will suffer from it at some point. But there are some people who don't even realize that they are suffering from it and it's kind of annoying to those who don't.
If you have siblings you know what I'm talking about. There is always the one brother or sister that will do anything, say anything to be the complete center of attention no matter the situation. Thats what I'm talking about.

I don't personally know her so I can really say its her normal self. But from her posts and what she is saying about hive with large swooping generalizations of its users (that includes women) is a little disheartening to me. I mean just think about this for a second. The title of her live stream I am talking about is "Why I'm leaving Hive:Downfall of Decentralized Media" should give you a clue as to what I mean.

Pot meet Kettle

You are complaining about a social network that allows you to say what you want and not be banned. While at the same time complaining that you cant get away from some opposing opinions and would like the ability for them to be banned. From what I understand you can get down voted and that will effect your payout on posts but you are not banned and are not blocked. You are still there and able to keep talking. But the irony is complaining about losing money on posts because of down votes on one platform while broadcasting on a closed source centralized platform (Twitter/Periscope) that will and can ban you at anytime they want to. Hello? Pot meet kettle. Why not choose to use @threespeak or @Vimm? Especially if your are complaining about hive.Your followers can still watch without the need of a hive account.

Scrolling through your posts on Hive and Twitter its obvious that you know you are a beautiful woman. And you are obviously trying to use that as a selling point and honestly I don't see anything wrong with that. Advertising agencies have told us for years that "sex sells".

But you give the appearance that you are more interested in being famous than actually utilizing the blockchain platforms for their intended purpose. And you got called out on it. I admit the tactics of how it went down is very distasteful.

But with your reaction, you are giving the impression to people who don't know you (ie me) that you only care about the drama and your image. Instead of being the strong woman and grabbing the criticism, embracing it and using it to turn the conversation around you stomped your feet and ran out to jump on attacking the platform like so many others do nowadays in the "cancel culture". Including me and my opinion about content footers.

It's not Hives fault and its not Hives responsibility to provide you with a "safe space", free from any opposing viewpoints. Hive is an indiscriminate blockchain that doesn't care who uses it. It is code and nothing more. Hive.blog is no more Hive than PeakD or 3Speak. So what you are complaining about is your audience that you built. Not Hive.

Your audience is your responsibility. The platform is irrelevant and your audience is platform is agnostic. It will follow you no matter what platform you are on.

Responsibility, Responsibility, Responsibility

We all have to take responsibility for our actions. That's just a natural part of life. When you post selfies in skimpy clothing with captions stating "I'm going to take your soul" or "Who wants to give me bitcoin?" Yeah you tend to be viewed as someone who should be posting on Switter or Pornhub. You purposefully drew that crowd by appealing to them. That is classic "lead singer syndrome".

Then in the next breath you say that women should be more represented in crypto. How? By following your example of skimpy selfies with suggestive captions? Seriously?

I've ran across several women content creators here on Hive that are way more worthy of an audience than anything like your example could draw. Yes women do need a stronger representation on hive and crypto in general but they shouldn't resort to your example.

Speaking as a hetero-sexual male with a high testosterone level an opinionated, strong and knowledgeable piece of content presented in a professional and classy presentation is way more sexy than the instant gratification of a sexually suggestive post, even if it's intent is humorous.

Please keep this thought with you as go out the door

No matter where you go in life. No matter what platform you end up staying on. Remember that your audience is there for you. And when they react to something you say , do or post. And you get a reaction you didn't expect, like or are offended by. Take a look back at how you got that audience. What kind of content you created and then you will see that the reaction you got was appropriate.

Then I hope you remember this post from a former audience member that you unknowingly pushed into the world of crypto. Yes, I am a fan. We all have opinions and choices. Yours are yours and mine are mine. And opinions are not facts so they will vary from person to person.

Thank you again for helping to educate me and the rest of your audience about crypto. Sorry to see you leave Hive, but this fan is staying here.

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