Getting out of the funk

Time to Get out of that funk!

And get to making content that people like!

I don't know what my problem has been here lately. I've been podcasting and producing live radio for several years. A year ago I started The Self Hosted Podcast and it was just for my own enjoyment and knowledge. I did it just for me and not the listeners. But now since joining Hive and creating content on it and its various dapps. I'm wanting to get back to just having fun with it. I guess I'm starting to fee at home and comfortable.

But the damn funk is getting funky

It seems that all week while I'm at work, driving I come up with all these ideas of stuff to post on Hive about. Then when it comes down to the end of the day. Which for me is usually a 14 hour day, I just feel so mentally drained that all I want to do is Netflix and vegetate. I then think that I will get up early and write since I find that I am my most creative first thing after I wake up. I can seem to focus so much more. But I then end up just staring out the window while feeling the coffee slowly kick in. It just feels like there is something out there that is forcing me to stay down. I need to get out of the funk and get back to having fun learning new ways to do things.


No more excuses!

It's time for me to make a move. Get up, get around and do something instead of just wishing I could find the time. I control my life. I control what I do. I am the one in charge! I make the commitment. I am the only one who can follow it through to completion. I'm going to try to give up the distractions. Starting this week!

  • I commit to writing one post per day on Hive.
    Since I am offline most of the time I will write them but may not post them since I write on the laptop. I will try to get them posted asap for my connection.
  • I also need to commit to recording a new video during the week. It might be an episode of TSHP, TruckinNutz or a vlog. It doesn't matter as long as its quality content.
  • I will bring NTROradio back as an online exclusive live stream on @vimm or @threespeak. It will most likely be on Saturday mornings 9am-12pm or Friday evenings 8-11pm.
  • (This one may end up being impossible) I want to attempt to stream live on @vimm or @threespeak. From my phone. I'll be sure to let you all know if I can make it work without killing my data. Would be awesome if I can do it while I'm driving somewhere.
  • I need to find a way to record interviews with my phone. I've thought about using Skype since it now has a record option that allows you to download the file after the call. But it's Skype and I dont like it. Another option I thought of would be to use Jitsi-Meet on the phone and bring it into OBS via scrcpy. But I'm not sure if that will work either. I will eventually try it though. Another option I thought of was to use Riot or Discord but I dont think either of them will do video.

I have been doing a lot of experimenting this weekend with Qjackctl, Carla and my Zoom R16. I've gotten the Jack settings so I have a near zero latency so I can do more live guitar-oke streams. I plan on doing some live streams similar to what Unfa does as he is creating music. Except mine is rock/metal not electronic music. If NTROradio can get a decent enough following on Hive I may see if I can jump onto MSPWaves. There is an open time slot on Saturday evenings right between two great shows. I think I could do a really good follow up to @crimsonclad's show. While I don't talk about as much technical stuff as she does. The music fits right together!

I cant wait to get this commitment started and am looking forward to having a lot more fun here on Hive and the best is yet to come! We will talk more tomorrow!