How to Use dBlog as Your Personal Website or Blog

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How to Use dBlog as Your Personal Website or Blog

Ever wanted to have your own blog or website powered by a blockchain?

In this video I show you how to do just that and more!

I dont know how many times I've said since I joined Hive that I wanted a website that was ran on Hive. I know there is a Wordpress plugin that is supposed to create a bridge between Hive and your Wordpress blog. But from what I understand is that it has some problems with rendering the html correctly. I cannot confirm this since I do not and have not used it.

Another big problem with that is that you have to pay for that Wordpress blog on hosting somewhere and have a domain name. Then you have to worry about keeping it up to date on security patches and end up fighting like crazy to keep the spam comments off of it. You become a webmaster and not a content creator like you wanted to. But there is a better way. It's easier than Wordpress or Blogger and it's basically free. If you use Hive you can be set up and blogging like crazy in a matter of minutes.

It is with great pleasure I introduce you to dBlog.

What is dblog?

dBlog is a blogging platform powered by Hive. It's simple, clean, easy and actually a breeze to use. It just gets out of your way and lets you create content. You can get started in 3 simple easy steps.

  1. Go to dBlog and sign in with your Hive account using Hivesigner. If you don't have a Hive account (why not?) you can learn about that here.
  2. Go to "Create New Blog"
  3. This one is the tricky part. If you already have a Hive account and want to import it here then import it. It's super fast so dont reach for the coffee cup! If you just want to start a new one then click on write a post and enjoy!

It really is that simple. I go into a little more detail in the video so be sure to watch that.

Now I got a blog. So how is this different than on PeakD?

Well for one on PeakD and other front ends to Hive you see everybody s posts. People you follow, posts from communities you follow. It's like a social media site. But if you use dBlog you are making yourself the centerpiece.

You can purchase a domain like I did (twice) and then choose the posts you wish to show on that domain. Yes I said buy a domain, did I mention with Hive or HBD through dBlog? Thats just frickin' cool! The first one I bought was just to try it out. The second one I thought, what the hell and bought it just because it was cool. When you purchase through the dBlog marketplace it will automatically set up the dns for you to point it to the blog that you choose. The ssl certs are free and set up for you as well.

For instance on I basically show all of my posts from hive. On it will show only the posts about my show Loud & Proud on MSPWaves. You can choose which posts show on that domain.


Posting to dBlog is just as easy, and IMO much easier than on PeakD or Because I dont have any distractions taking my attention away from me creating content. It's simple and easy to use and just lets me write.

If you like what I do a would like to know more you can visit my blog.

You can also find all my social links and ways to donate in crypto other than Hive at my Cointree

You can watch or listen to my live broadcast on MSPWaves and find the show notes and links at Loud & Proud.

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