Do You Thrive on Engagement?

Taking a break from my normal Scifi Monday story of The Organix to bring you this very special post about the community I post the most to.


Do You Thrive on Engagement?

Let me tell you about my favorite community on Hive and why you should join it.

When I first joined Hive

I’ve told this story several times already. But the short of it is that I joined and then only posted sporadically. Mostly just lurked in the shadows to get a feel of the kind of content on it. I didn't really see a lot of content in the style that I produce. Being an active truck driver that kind of concerned me. Was I the only driver on Hive? Turns out no. I have ran across a couple of retired drivers and everywhere I go I seem to find someone who is either related to one or knows one. That's just frickin cool! So I thought I would start moving my trucking content onto Hive. But trucking is not the only thing I am interested in.

I started looking and lurking more and more.

I seen the quickly growing #HiveTribe on Twitter and joined in with it. Then I got troubled by how much engagement there was about Hive on Twitter but I wasn't seeing it here on Hive. Asking around of some people that I have come to trust they all said I should join a community. Not to start one but to join an already established community. There is OCD, GEMS, The Terminal, Threespeak, etc. All different ones. But I was having a problem trying to decide which one to join.

Someone emphasized that I should join the PowerHouse Creatives community. I went and objectively checked it out. The first thing I noticed is that when you scroll through their feed on PeakD is that all of the posts are very professional looking. The formatting looks beautiful and there are very little spelling errors. They look like nothing I could ever achieve to make my post look like.

Could I really have the chops to make it in this community? Would they accept my multiple typos from fat fingers? Would they like the sometimes (lets face it, most of the time) “adult content” of my shows?

So, me never being one to shy away from asking dumb questions, I asked. I jumped into their discord and asked a bunch of pretty annoying questions that I am sure had some of the longer standing members rolling their eyes, lol.

As you can guess I got some answers. But what surprised me was how accepting they have been to me so far. The amount of genuine love and kindness I’ve gotten from them just continues to astound me.

I’m sorry for being all sappy on you readers but those are the only words I can think of to describe what I feel from this community.
Don't get me wrong here, its not all unicorns and rainbows. If you screw up on something they will let you know, gently.

Kind of like when you were 12 and tried to “boil” an egg in mom’s brand new microwave with no water. Yeah, blew the door off the damn thing at 2am. Mom was not happy with me. She said she wasn't mad, just disappointed. That will tear up a child way more than if the parent says they are mad. That's a parenting tip for you young adults from your Unkle Bonehead. You might want to write that one down.

I digress.

When I asked if my content would be a good fit, Jaynie the founder of PHC, was the first to answer me. “Your content is welcome here”. Well, if it’s good enough for the big boss…

I made a test post using my phone and got some critiques after asking for them. The rest is history. Ever since they have learned that I am all about constructive criticism since I am constantly asking for it. I take in everything I can and do my best to learn from my mistakes.

Look, I know I’m not the brightest light bulb in the chandelier but I’m just amazed that I spelled chandelier right without using spellcheck!

Why PHC?

Well, if you didnt catch my point already, let me be more specific.

  • It’s a community! That means it is comprised of like minded people from all walks of life and they post about nearly any topic or subject you can think of. I’ve done posts from truck driving to science fiction. I even post all of my MSP Waves shows there!
  • It’s similar to being a part of a family. People helping people because they want to help you. Not because they are interested in making more hive from you.
  • The support! Whether you are looking for encouragement or just trying to learn how to write. They will help you. They will give you tips and tricks. They will give you inspiration and ideas for you to create content around.
  • Daily rally, contests and more to participate in. It is a total blast and they try to include everyone in on everything.
  • I’m there. Is there any other reason you need than that? C’mon and join me and lets have some fun!

So, do want to join me in there yet?

If you do then read on. The invite and other information is below. I look forward to seeing your content on the community feed and talking with you on the discord server. If you need any help with any of this then please do not hesitate to ask. Either myself or any of the other members of the community!


Connecting with other individuals, communicating efficiently and working together effectively is one of the most critical aspects of any successful community project, business or initiative. The Power House Creatives has been working together as a team to support and grow the genuinely passionate individuals on our blockchain since October 2017. We are proactive on all social media platforms - actively supporting the content published on our community feed. We work closely with the founders of @theterminal - who are members of our community too - assisting and guiding newer members of Hive, creating a seamless transition from an introductory space to one which nurtures the enthusiasm and creativity of each individual.

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Our discord server is where we connect, brainstorm, assist members, highlight worthy Hive news, problem solve and simply chit chat - connecting in a more personal and direct space so that we can all get to know one another better as well as bring together ALL the social media aspects like Torum and Twitter activity and efforts.


Everyone is welcome in our house

ALL content topics are welcome on our community feed


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