Day Jobs Suck

Day Jobs Suck

Or at least mine does.

Truck driving, its not just a job, its...

Back in the late 70's I was a young (under 10 yrs old) kid when a plethora of movies and tv series were released. Convoy, Smoky and The Bandit, BJ and the Bear, White Line Fever, etc. They all glamorized and brought the American truck driver into the mainstream spotlight.

While Convoy showcased law enforcements aggressiveness and undue targeting towards the trucking industry and Smokey and the Bandit was similar but added a comedic element.

Both of these movies were pivotal points for me. I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I was going to drive the open road with nobody telling me what to do. Yeah, what a load of shit that was.

Flash forward nearly 30 yrs later and an unknown amount of miles later. I'm supposed to be a "local Michigan driver". Somehow Im in Kentucky with 2 stops out of 7 left to go. Plus a pick to make in Bowling Green before I head back home this afternoon.

Thanks to the electronic log books its not looking like I will be at my house until Saturday morning. Big shout out to you lawmakers that made those stupid rules. Like a computer can decide whether I'm personally rested enough to drive.

Life gets in the way

I had just signed up Click, Track Profit and started going throught the lessons merely hours before I got dispatched. So that training got hampered in a heart beat. Also working with some of my trucker friends to bring Break 19 Podcast to So that got put on hold for a couple of days.

All is not lost

I can do some of this on my phone so it's not a total hold. I can do my shownotes for Saturday show. And talk with the boys on the phone all day.

But then there is hive. Daily, almost hourly I can be reminded and encouraged from the fellow users such as @jongolson and @pixiepost have the most heart felt and encouraging content I've ever seen on any social media. While they may not be targeted towards me specifically they seem to always be what I need to hear at that specific time. And I thank them for that!

But this is all I have time for this morning. I do have some more in depth posts Ive been writing on the laptop and will be posting those when I can get it online.

Being mobile 6 days a week sucks. But thats truckin for ya. To finish the sub heading.

... it's a lifestyle and an adventure!

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