TSHP Ep33 Engrave

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Engrave - Collect HIVE and HBD tokens by just posting your blog articles.
Engrave is free and easy to use. You can choose your website's design from 6 modern and nice-looking templates. You won't pay anything unless you earn something. And if so, everything will be settled-up automatically!

  • All content is stored directly in HIVE blockchain. You don't need to own any dedicated server or other hosting

  • Simple but powerfull website templates with integrated HIVE accounts handling. Let your readers interact with your content easy and secure

  • Be visible on the web. SEO powered templates will boost your position on search engines results

  • Use your own domain

  • Want an RSS on it? Just add /feed to the end of your url. Boom!

The only things I dont like are (not talked about in the video)...

  • It doesnt display videos or audio players. One would assume it would display at least an html5 player but it strips those out
  • There seems to be a problem with getting my domain pointed to it. Not sure if its there end or my end. I follwed the directions and let the dns propgate for a week and it would never show up. So I went back over to Runkod.
  • The backend isnt showing the wallet correctly yet. In fact at all.

Other than those two things Engrave is absolutely awesome!

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