Installing Yunohost on a Chromebook C300

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Today we install [Yunohost}( on an Acer C300 Chromebook. It was a successful install but I was unable to make use of it. Because I didnt RTFM! It says right there in the instructions that it requires a hard wire connection and wifi is not currently possible. On this Chromebook only wifi, no ethernet port. I suppose if I has a usb to ethernet adapter it could work.

Acer C300 specs:
This is what is known as a "bay trail". Dont know if thats processor or motherboard thing

  • N24840 2.5GHz (dual core)
  • 4GB ram
  • 16GB hd

My plan was to use this as my new home server but that didnt work out since I dont have the afore mentioned adapter. But all is not lost. I am still utilizing this Chromebook. It's running Arcolinux with the Awesome WM. Havent run into any hicups yet but it is not my daily driver.

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