Can You Help Me With My Content?

Can you help me with my content?

Trying to figure out Communties

I've really been struggling here lately with trying to figure out what communties my content fits the most.

Ive been switching between the Threespeak and OCD communities since those are the most relevant in my head. Its mostly video and original content.

But my vlog, "From the Driver's Seat" is mosty about the daily struggles of the trucking life. And my show on @mspwaves is intended to be a variety style show. With wide ranging topics focusing on just having fun as the ultimate goal.

Theres even an amsr community!


The thought has crossed my mind many times to just start a couple of my own communties. Since there are no categories. Like a "Trucking" or "Vlogs" communties. But the vlogs is pretty much a tag and there definitely isnt any other truck drivers besides me on hive yet. So that would pretty much be me talking to myself Which I do enough of that already, lol.

So what do you people think? I am open to any and all suggestions. What existing communties should I stick with posting to? Should I start one specifically for my content?

Thank you for your time soent in reading this and any responses I may get.