And Then There Was 7

And Then there was 7

I have 7 witness votes left

On Hive we can each vote for 30 witnesses. They are very important to the future of the network and as such you should do your research and learn about them and there intentions .

Learn what they plan to do for the network as a whole. Make sure they dont have any ill intent to just make money and run.

Noob Corner

If you're a noobie like me you're probably wondering what the hell is a hive witness. I'm not sure I fully understand it myself. But I do understand that they a very important to the Hive network as a whole. They are the backbone and are what makes the whole thing work.

They make it possible by:

  • building the blockchain that keeps the record and validates your transactions.
  • maintain the price feed and tells the network the current value.
  • they are basically the underlying governace and together decide to accept or reject updates.
  • most of them are actual developers of some of the dapps running on top of the hive blockchain.

So yeah, they are pretty damn important.

How to choose who to vote for

When I first started I just started voting for anybody. But I stopped and thought more about it after I realized just how important they really are.

So I started researching them before voting. I did my homework to make sure they were doing what they getting my vote for.

Just like voting in the USA is supposed to be. Vote for who best fits you. Vote for someone that is doing things good for the network as a whole and not someone who just wants to take the money and run.

Now I want you to help me decide

I'm down to 7 votes left and I don't want to waste them. I honestly dont know if there is a way for you to see who somebody has voted for already. If there is please let me know!

But seeing just how important witnesses are I dont want to throw away my last 7 votes on somebody. I would feel hirrible to vote for somebody that turned out to be somebody that is trying to follow in Justin Suns footsteps.

So please, give me some suggestions and I will check them out for myself before I vote.

Thank you again ,my fellow hivers! Now go have a terrific Thursday!

If you want find out more about me please visit my cointree link for other links and ways to donate cryptocurrency.

Please join me on Saturdays @ 9 -11pm UTC on MSP Waves LIVE! Replays approximately a week behind posted to @threespeak right here on Hive!

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