About Bonehead Media


Hi, I'm Unkle Bonehead aka Ryan Ridenour, I'm a 49 yr old truck driver by trade and have just over 27 years in the industry with over 2.5 million accident free miles. I create podcasts and other digital media. I am also an amateur self hoster, a Fediverse/Decentralization Evangelist and fanboy of the Yunohost server distribution based on Debian.

Digital audio

I originally got into podcasting purely by accident while researching how to record my own music on the computer back in 2005.After finding out that there are way better musicians out there than I could ever be I launched "The Unkle Bonehead Show". It went pretty good garnering just under 3000 downloads per week and got syndicated on 3 internet radio stations. I was offered to do a weekly live show on RFC Radio and became the stations music curator. That then evolved into the live show/podcast "Loud and Proud" and it's spin off "Local, Loud and Proud" both of which was co-hosted by Johnny Gearjammer and Gary Fender from the band Slight Case of Death and Charlie Kole (El Chazmo of The Bush Radio). I also ran the mid michigan area of The Indie Music Project.
I then took a short break from all the digital mayhem and upon my return launched NTROradio (pronounced "intro radio") as a streaming radio station and blog. But jobs change and time got crunched and I had to shut it down. I am currently looking into trying to get it back up and running as cheap and easy as possible because music podcasting and online radio is my first true love.
I was also doing a podcast called TruckinNutz and did launch another called Break19 Podcast. Which is technically still in production but we dont seem to have the time to get hooked up to actually record. It is also hosted by Rob "Old Skool Nomad", Eddie "The Wolfman' (Wolfie) Fresno and Monster (Nobody knows his real name).3 other awesome truck drivers that do their own podcast called Trucker Nation, USA.

Other Digital Media

I like to tinker with the Gnu Image Manipulation Program and Inkscape. I create all of my own podcast artwork and logos If you would like me to make something for you dont hesitate to ask because I do for the fun of doing it, not money. I used to do podcast artwork on Fiverr a few years ago when there was literally only myself and maybe 2 other people doing it but I stopped because I got too busy and didnt have the time.
I do create my own original music and will randomly post them on here or soundcloud. I've used Reaper, Presonus Studio One, Pro Tools, Ardour, The Non Suite and Audacity. But my absolute favorite DAW is Ardour with Reaper in a close 2nd. Ardour wins in my opinion because it is open source.
I have only recently actually started enjoying producing video and it still isnt what I would say in my top prorities. I still hate editing video and I will only make a video if I can do it in one take.

The Self Hosted Podcast

Started as a way for me to showcase Yunohost but is quickly evolving into everything that encompasses the fediverse and decentralization.

Music provided by Unfa

Some sound effects and clips by Unfa

Female voice is a screen reader app that I cant find a link to anymore so I dont think it is in development. But it is open source and runs on Ubuntu using espeak on the backend.

TruckinNutz Podcast

Started as a way for me to educate average people on the lifestyle of a truck driver but is now more of a way for me to gripe about things in the industry. My focus on this has slowed way down since my interest in self hosting and decentralization started,