The Organix Promo by Unkle Bonegead

The Organix (Promo) by Unkle Bonehead

This is the original promo I put together for my original book.

I've been writing a book over the last several years. I had originally planned on releasing it as a podcast but I decided against it because the production I wanted to do was entirely too much for the amount of time I had. So I am now releasing it in written form. A new chapter is published each Monday right here on Hive.

Below is the original script for this promo.

*In 2023 a joint venture between the top minds of technology finally got things right with A I. The first functional artificial intelligence was born and named Einstein. He was a new breed of A I known as an Organix.
He was tasked with solving all of humanity's problems. The future was bright. No war, no famine, no illness. Even the common cold was eradicated. Einstein then created 2 of his own Organix. And that's when the future went dark.

Einstein determined the only way to stop the darkness from forming in the future was to change the past.
So Einstein created 400 freestanding Organix units and sent them back into 2017, one year before the critical mass point of the American midterm elections in 2018.

The 400 units were to land in highly traveled areas in order to make contact with rebellious humans and then search out and destroy other Organics operatives. Only one survived the time travel.

Clifford, our hero Organix unit, dropped out of a wormhole right in front of a truck driver as he was going back to his truck with his morning coffee. Unaware of what he had just seen he picked up the unit and tossed it in the truck.

The Organix units are comprised of highly specialized nanobots and Clifford uses them to take control of the truck and strikes an unlikely alliance with a very unskilled and unsung hero in the driver.. We follow Clifford as he continues to search for the organics from the future throughout the daily travels as a truck driver.

This is the story of man and machine as one, the singularity.
This is the story of man versus machine. Who is the good and who is the evil?
This is our story. We are the organix.*

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